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Defence Staff visited by the Chief of Latvian Armed Forces Joint Headquarters



On Feb 20-21 National Defence Ministry Defence Staff was visited by delegation of the Latvian Armed Forces Joint Headquarters led by the Chief of Headquarters Col. Andis Dilans.


Representatives of Latvian Armed Forces met with the Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Maj. Vitalijus Vaiksnoras, head of the transformation project Col. Gintautas Zenkevicius, and other representatives of Defence Staff. They discussed transformation process of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and other important issues of the army activities.


Guests from Latvia were especially interested in planning and realisation of the transformation process. Col. G. Zenkevicius introduced to the guests the process of transformation, guidelines of its realisations and related measures. The officials also exchanged information on the planned procurements of the countries, tenders of NATO forces and objectives.


Latvian and Lithuanian representatives agreed to continue holding meetings of similar level, to exchange information on planned procurement and lessons learned in all the most important sectors of army activity, and to develop close cooperation in sharing experience.

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