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PRT military medics help do surgery for a seriously ill Afghan kid


Military medics of PRT-6 assisted in a difficult surgery made for a ten-year old Afghan boy. The kid feels well after the operation.

PRT medics noticed a 10-year old child in severe condition during the routine consultations at Chaghcharan hospital. After an examination anaesthesiologist Col. Marijus Salkevicius and Ukrainian surgeon Lt. Col. Evgenii Gerasymenko suspected a far-gone peritonitis. Condition of the young patient was bad. Head Doctor of Chaghcharan hospital surgeon Jakubi turned to PRT-6 for help in performing a difficult surgery that was necessary.

Medical team of Ukrainians surgeon Lt. Col. Evgenii Gerasymenko and anaesthesiologist Lt. Col. Sergej Moroz, and a Lithuanian Lt. Col. M.Salkevicius, Head of PRT-6 Medical Division, immediately arrived at the hospital with all the necessary equipment.

Stomach surgery was difficult and took four hours. It was done with assistance of Head Doctor Jakubi and other personnel of the hospital. After the operation the child was moved to a ward were PRT-6 medics prescribed after-operation treatment to him

”Conditions were difficult in operating-room: there is no water supply system, the room is heated by burning oil stove. Such a difficult and big operation could not have been done without our anaesthesiologist and anaesthesiological equipment. And it was so cold in the ward that water had turned to ice in the oxygen supply apparatus of the hospital. However, we did all we could and the boy will survive," said Lt. Col. M.Salkevicius.

The next morning after surgery the boy was feeling better. As his parents are poor, they can not ensure feeding of their son at the hospital. PRT soldiers took some food to the hospital for the child to recover after surgery.

Only a small percent of families in Ghowr are able to obtain medical aid, majority of them do not have enough money for treatment or can not reach hospital. From January 2008 PRT-6 started conducting medical patrolling to consult and give medicaments for people in remote villages. The operation is financed from the funds of NATO ISAF for Afghanistan.

PRT-6 military medics actively cooperate with the doctors of Chaghcharan hospital. Members of PRT-6 had arranged with the Head of Chaghcharan hospital to come a few times a week to consult the most serious patients together with local doctors.

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