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Tour of Lithuanian Defence Attachés in Vilnius


From December 17 to 22 Lithuanian defence attachés accredited in foreign countries gather for a tour in Vilnius. They will review Lithuanian policy on national security, defence and development of armed forces as well as long-term plans of military cooperation.

The tour was opened on December 17 by the meeting with officers of the National Defence Ministry Defence Staff. Afterwards defence attachés met with the National Defence Minister Juozas Olekas and interim Land Force Commander Brigadier General Jonas Vytautas Zukas.

On December 18 defence attachés will meet the Lithuanian Armed Forces Commander General Lieutenant Valdas Tutkus and members of the National Security and Defence Committee of Seym. On December 19 defence attachés will visit Military Medicine Expertise Commission. Schedule of the one-week tour will also include meetings with the State Secretary of the National Defence Ministry Jurate Raguckiene, Undersecretary of the National Defence Ministry for procurements and infrastructure Artur Ploksto, and representatives of ministerial departments.

Lithuanian defence attachés as advisors of ambassadors on defence issues represent MoND and Lithuanian Armed Forces and strengthen bilateral cooperation by informing National Defence Minister and authorised officers on the stock, initiatives and military and defence advice of the accreditation country, by completing in the framework of their authority tasks and instructions given by Defence Minister and authorised officers, by cooperation with military and defence institutions of the accreditation country, by promoting achievements of the Lithuanian national defence system and Lithuanian Armed Forces, by taking part in negotiations on military and security issues within the scope of their authority, by providing assistance for the national defence system soldiers and officers coming to conferences, seminars, courses and other events in the accreditation country.

Currently there are eleven defence attachés and two deputy defence attachés accredited by Lithuania. They represent Lithuania in thirty-one foreign country.

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