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Annual exchange of information on national armed forces between Lithuanian and Belarus


This week representatives of Lithuania and Belarus exchanged information on the structure and strength of national armed forces and the most important military activity planned for 2008. Reports of both countries were prepared according to the methodological requirements and standards of openness defined in the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty.

Lithuania is not a party to the treaty and is not obliged to give such information for members of Treaty; however, Lithuania informs Belarus following a bilateral agreement signed in 2001. The agreement regulates bilateral swap of military information voluntarily following the standards of the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty. The bilateral agreement also allows exercising bilateral inspections and assessment more frequently than it is politically obligatory for both countries according to the Vienna Document on means enhancing trust and security signed in 1999 by the European Security and Cooperation Organisation.

Analogical agreement on realisation of additional means enhancing trust and security was signed in 2001 between Lithuania and Russian Federation on Lithuania's initiative. According to the agreement countries conduct annual exchange of military information following the requirements of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty and conduct additional visits of military data.

Lithuania hopes that Lithuania-Russian Federation exchange of information prepared according to the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty on military forces' structure and strength requirements will take place in the nearest future the way it was planned in the mentioned bilateral agreement.

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