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Civilian and military pedestrian trip ”Radvilu keliais" in progress


The seventh traditional four-day pedestrian trip of civilians and soldiers ”Radvilu keliais" is underway in Rukla (Jonava region).


Following the tradition the trip lasting from Aug. 19 to 23 was organised by the Grand Lithuanian Hetman Jonusas Radvila Training Regiment. This year the trip is dedicated for the Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Voivode of Vilnius Mikalojus II Radvila, called ”the Old".


500 military and civilian participants coming from Lithuania, Latvia, the Check Republic, Germany, etc., along with multinational NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (Brussels) team take part in the seventh trip.


Participants of traditional extreme route have to walk 200 kilometres in 2 days (and nights) with 24 hours for resting after the first 100km. 80 marchers chose the extreme route, 11 of them women. In 2006 the extreme route was chosen by 96 marchers, 88 of them reached finish line.


Last year the trip was attended by participants from Latvia, Sweden. Great Britain, and other countries. A couple of participants went on the trip as their after-marriage journey.


Closing and award ceremony will take place in the Great Lithuanian Hetman Jonusas Radvila Training Regiment (Rukla) on August 23. All the participants will be presented with keepsake diplomas, and the ones who have reached the finish line successfully will get special trip medals.


In 2001 576 participants started -383 finished

In 2002 944 participants started -659 finished

In 2003 781 participants started -519 finished

In 2004 672 participants started -549 finished

In 2005 546 participants started -291 finished

In 2006 592 participants started -458 finished


More information on the trip (programme, regulations) - <http://www.kam.lt/index.php/lt/72339/>


Contact person Head of Training Regiment Public Relations Department Capt. Gintaras Striupaitis mob. 8 682 533 62. 8 349 73 376.

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