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General Manager of the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency visit Lithuania


On July 25 General Major Karl-Heinz Münzner, General Manager of the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency, with delegation came on his first visit to Lithuania.


During his visit to the National Defence Ministry General Manager of NAMSA met with the MoND State Secretary Jurate Raguckiene, Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier General Vitalijus Vaiksnoras as interim Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, and other top-ranking officials of MoND and Armed Forces' divisions.


Discussions focused on issues related to logistic supply of the Lithuanian Armed Forces' armament systems (short-range air defence missile system ”Stinger", transport aircraft C-27 J, airspace surveillance, communications and calibration systems, etc.), logistic assistance to the Lithuanian subdivisions deployed to international operations, and chances of traineeships of the Lithuanian Armed Forces' logistics specialists in NAMSA. The meetings also addressed NAMSA seminar that should be organised in Lithuania in 2008 for the specialists of the MoND, Armed Forces and defence industry, and on the NAMSA transformation plans as well as reconstruction of the Lithuanian Armed Forces (with special focus on logistics).


The main objective of NAMSA is effective supply of logistic assistance for the NATO armed forces in order to ensure their readiness, to improve efficiency of logistic operations, and to save funds in individual and general procurements of supply services, maintenance, calibration, purchasing, transportation, technical assistance, engineering services and systems management.


In recent years the Agency has had an increasing role in providing logistic assistance to NATO operations.


NAMSA was founded in 1958 and currently unites 26 NATO member states. Lithuania joined the Agency in 2004.

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