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The Tadas Dambrauskas Photography Competition: Lithuanian Military in Photography 2005-2006


On Tuesday, 13 June, an official award ceremony of the winners of the Tadas Dambrauskas Photography Competition and opening of the exhibition, entitled ”The Lithuanian Armed Forces in Photography 2005-2006" will be held at the Gallery of the Union of Artists in Vilnius. It is the second time that the competition was organised by the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence with the aim to choose the most interesting pictures of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The sponsor of this photography competition is Minister Gediminas Kirkilas.

The exhibition will be open 13 June  through 1 July.


Photographers both professionals and armatures competed in different groups of the competition. Since the contest rules had not restricted the number of themes, the Tadas Dambrauskas Photography Competition provides an opportunity for the public to take a look at the Lithuanian military from different angles and along many dimensions. Photos submitted to the contest cover all branches of service as well as moments from a variety of military exercises, holidays, military daily life and their duty-off.


This year the competition involved 60 authors who have presented nearly 400 works. Works and winners of the exposition of the Tadas Dambrauskas Photography Competition were selected by the Commission of Photograph Artists, to whom entries were submitted without revealing the names of the authors.


The competition has been named after a military photographer and cameraman Tadas Dambrauskas, in honour of his meritorious work for the Lithuanian Armed Forces. In 1990, he joined the Department of National Defence as an instructor-supervisor of the operational group. He later worked as a photographer and cameraman for the magazine Karys, the Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf and the Ministry of National Defence. Tadas Dambrauskas compiled a unique archive of photographs and video material. He had been recording the development of the Lithuanian Armed Forces from Lithuania's Reconstruction Movement to becoming a reliable member of NATO. He was the first in the Lithuanian military to film paratroopers by tying himself to the wing of a plane. He often went on long and difficult journeys with deploying soldiers, capturing moments of the first missions executed by Lithuanian troops in the Balkans and Afghanistan.











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