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Presentation of authentic weaponry and outfit of a Lithuanian soldier of the 14th century


Authentic weaponry and outfit of a Lithuanian soldier of the 14th century reconstructed.
According to the Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Major General Valdas Tutkus, the sponsor of this military project, the project was worth undertaking because it reflects the history Lithuania. ”The outfit, which has been reconstructed based on archaeological digs and other still existing sources, excellently reflects the deep fountainhead and age-old history of the state of Lithuania and its military. ”
It took a whole year for the project results to see the day of light and the work group involved a good number of enthusiasts from Lithuania's National Defence establishment, and warfare and historical institutions. These enthusiasts included military personnel, specialists of cultural heritage values, historians, sartorial specialists, smithery craftsmen, etc.
As a result of these joint efforts, a complete set of the corselet of a soldier of the 14th century has been reconstructed. This includes a sword, a combat knife, a combat gad, an infantryman shield, a helmet, protection plates for forearms, elbows, shoulders, knees, and shins and a ringed armored hood. The weapons are light and are made from steel; for instance, the sword weights some 1,4kg.
The weapons and military outfit were reconstructed based on historical sources still extant. The newly made sword is a replica of the Desiukiškės sword of the 13th century, which was found in 1986 and is currently kept at the Vytautas the Great Museum of War.
The 14th century history of Lithuania is remembered as a period of prosperity when Lithuania was ruled by two rulers: the Grand Duke Algirdas in the Eastern part of Lithuania and the Grand Duke Kęstutis - in the western part of the country.

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