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Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces to attend a meeting of NATO Chiefs of Defence in Brussels


On Tuesday, 11 May Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Major General Valdas Tutkus will attend a two-day meeting of NATO Chiefs of Defence, which will be held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting will focus on issues covering NATO reforms, operations, and generation of forces. Projects with regard to air policing mission in the Baltic States will also be presented.


While in Brussels, Major General Valdas Tutkus will also attend meetings of the Military Committee in Chiefs of Staff Session with Ukraine, NATO-Russia Council and a meeting of NATO- Mediterranean Dialogue Countries (Egypt, Israel, Jordan. The meetings will address NATO–led international operations, force compatibility and interoperability, military aspects of the fight against terrorism.


On Wednesday, 12 May the Lithuanian Chief of Defence Major General Valdas Tutkus will take part in a meeting with the NATO Secretary General Mr Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. During the meeting the Secretary General will present the vision of NATO Headquarters Reform.


Major General Valdas Tutkus is expected back to Vilnius on Thursday, 12 May.



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