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National Defence volunteer platoon KFOR-12 trained for Kosovo mission


On Wednesday, 23 March, troops of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces KFOR-12 will complete undergoing preparation for the involvement in an international mission in Kosovo. The KFOR-12 rotation comprised of troops serving with the 5th Territorial Unit, Vytis Military District, Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces, is due to engage for the mission in a conflict region in the province of Kosovo in April later this year. Lithuanian volunteers will serve six months as part of the Polish-Ukrainian Battalion, POLUKRBAT. The Lithuanian platoon will undertake tasks including guarding of a peacekeepers" base camp and a church near Kachanik, carrying of patrols at control points and performing rapid reaction and other tasks.


Prior to the foreign engagement in Kosovo, KFOR-12 troops underwent an intensive 3 month training at the Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Training Battalion of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces.


The KOR-12 rotation is the first platoon formed from the Volunteer Forces, which has been trained at the Dragoon Battalion, following the restructuring of the military unit into the Training Battalion. From now on all volunteer units will underwent training for international missions at the Dragoon Battalion.


Furthermore, the KFOR-12 rotation is the third peacekeeping platoon of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces. Currently 130 troops of the Lithuanian Volunteer Forces serve as part of the KFOR (Kosovo Force). Another five military officers and sergeants serve on higher intensity missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.


On Tuesday, 22 March, at the Dragoon Battalion, the KFOR-12 will be presented to the media.


On Friday, 25 March a leaving ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Dragoon Battalion. Leadership of the Lithuanian National defence System, families of leavings troops are expected to attend the ceremony.




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