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Volunteer platoon KFOR-11 preparing for Kosovo mission


On 20 August a platoon KFOR–11 of the National Defense Volunteer Forces took part in an exercise, entitled "Platoon Attack" in the central training area of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in Pabrade.


The KFOR-11 is trained for engagement in an international peacekeeping mission in Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo Province. Troops of the platoon started preparing for the mission in the beginning of July.


During a special training session, volunteers receive training in military medicine, topography, engineering, communications, peacekeeping operations and tactics provided by some 20 instructors, who are also responsible for material and medical support of the course.


Some 30 volunteers and 7 professional servicemen undergo training for the mission. All the volunteers who will attend the mission have served with the National Defence Volunteer Forces for the period not shorter than three years. Inn accordance with the Law on Military Service of he Republic of Lithuania, professional military service contracts will be concluded with the volunteers undergoing their training for engagement abroad. Upon completion of the mission, they will continue service with their units.


The volunteers will leave for the Kosovo Province in October later this year. They will replace KFOR-1o and will serve for six months within the composition of the Polish-Ukrainian Battalion.


A similar practice concerning the use of active reserve units in international missions have long been applied in other NATO states forces – the United States, Great Britain etc. The first platoon in Lithuania formed from the National Defence Volunteer Forces left for a mission in Kosovo in April earlier this year.

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