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NATO aircraft landing in Siauliai


As of Saturday, 27 March, NATO transport aircraft C-130 Hercules started landing in Siauliai based Zokniai airfield. The aircraft are airlifting fighter support equipment and operating personnel.


The very F-16 fighters are scheduled to land in Šiauliai on Monday, 29 March. Since that moment they will start controlling the Baltic air space. The air space of the new NATO member states will be observed and controlled according to the unified standardsand will receive the same level of security as that of the other members.  


On 25 March the Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Linas Linkevičius issued an order allowing as 29 March NATO military aircraft to carry out air policing related functions in the air space of the Baltic States. The order also stipulates that non-military personnel assigned to NATO military servicemen and forces that are engaged in performing air-policing tasks are also allowed to come to the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.


On Monday, 29 March, at 1700 hrs Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force Colonel Edvardas Mažeikis is scheduled to hold a press conference.




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