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Staff personnel of the Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf




August 23-27, staff personnel of the Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf " and troops of Gen Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion of the Lithuanian Armed Forces will take part in territory reconnaissance exercise „Blue Knight" organized by the Danish Division in Germany. Lithuanian personnel will train together with staff officers from Estonia, Latvia, and the Danish Division.


Territorial reconnaissance exercise is a successive part of Brigade's training. The event will involve thorough reconnaissance of territory and application of the collected data for amending initial plans of staff operations of „Iron Wolf" drawn during the preceding exercises „Errant Knight" and „Red Knight".


Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf" was affiliated to the Danish Division in 2006 on the basis of Memorandum of Understanding signed by CHODs of the countries. Affiliation entails joint work of both countries' officers in multinational staffs, joint training and exercises, in order to ensure interoperability of Danish and Lithuanian units - their ability to work jointly in a spectrum of multinational operations. Affiliation of the „Iron Wolf" Brigade to the Danish Division allowed Lithuanian troops to join division corps-level exercise which a higher level exercise than it was possible before.


Cooperation between MIB„Iron Wolf" and the Danish Division was especially active in implementing LITBRIG project - the third joint defence project of Denmark and Lithuania. LITART and LITBAT projects were completed successfully. Under LITART project Royal Danish Armed Forces trained personnel of the Gen Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion, handed over arms, equipment and ammunition. Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion of MIB „Iron Wolf" was trained under LITBAT project. The Battalion provided personnel for the Lithuanian Contingent which conducted duty in the Danish Division-led Land Component of the NATO Response Force (NRF-14) in the Baltic Battalion this June.

PR Officer of MIB „Iron Wolf" Capt Rytis Ermalis, phone 00370 657 87 095

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