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Minister of National Defence R.Juknevičienė met with Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs G. Vasadze



May 20, Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė met with Foreign Minister of Georgia Grigol Vasadze on official visit in Lithuania.


In the meeting at the Ministry of National Defence R. Juknevičienė reaffirmed Lithuania's support to the Euro-Atlantic integration aspirations and territorial integrity, thanked Foreign Affairs Minister G. Vasadze for the military contribution of Georgia in Afghanistan and to the Lithuanian-led PRT where a Georgian military medic serves since 2007. G. Vasadzė informed that Georgia will deploy another military medic to the Chaghcharan Hospital in 2011 and will cover all the costs of sustaining two military medics in the mission.


Minister R. Juknevičienė encouraged Georgia to continue democratic reforms underway and emphasized that the upcoming municipal elections would be an exam of democracy that Georgia would have to pass.


Lithuanian Minister said that in defence section Lithuania will continue with its commitment of financing studies of Georgian military in Gen. Jonas Žemaitis Lithuanian Military Academy (Vilnius) and the Baltic Defence College (Tartu), consulting Georgia on public relations points, and will participate actively in NATO and Georgia's professional training programme.


G. Vasadzė comprehensively represented the country's economical situation, which he characterised as stable and giving hope of reaching economical level of 2008 by the following year. He highlighted that municipal elections to take place in Georgia next weekend will proceed in line with all the international requirements and efforts will be put to hold the elections according to criteria of free and democratic elections.


Lithuanian Defence Minister and Georgian Foreign Minister meet for a second time, their first meeting took place in November last year in Vilnius.


On May 19 Ministers R. Juknevičiene and G. Vasadzė and other high-ranking officials took part in a round-table discussion on the activity on the Vilnius Ten (V10).


Before ten years in May Vilnius hosted the first meeting of foreign ministers of Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, countries aspiring to NATO membership. The meeting representatives agreed to develop unanimous cooperation to the end of Euro-Atlantic integration. Later the group was joined by Croatia and known as V10.


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