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Lithuanian warship take part in multinational naval training at the Baltic Sea



On May 17-21 mine countermeasures ship of the Lithuanian Naval Force M52 „Sūduvis" led by Lt.(N) Karolis Lileikis will take part in „Baltic Fortress 2010" naval exercise in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Lithuania in the Baltic Sea.


The training is oriented at evaluating preparation of graduates of the international Baltic Junior Staff Officers Course. Five-month course is organised in Riga for Latvian and Estonian officers, two Lithuanian naval officers undergo training as well.


Readiness level of the graduating junior officers is assessed in the environment of actual military training: „Baltic Fortress" is arranged and conducted by the graduates, their actions are observed and evaluated by representatives of the staff of the Baltic Squadron. Observers assess the way junior staff officers plan and conduct military naval operation in response to the course of events described in the military conflict scenario and with regard to analysis of the threats of terrorist attack. The training is conducted in line with NATO doctrines and procedures.


Five warships of the Baltic Squadron and as additional naval assets of Latvia and Lithuania take part in this year's training event.


The exercise also provides an opportunity for warship crews to drill naval skills of manoeuvring, firing, mine neutralisation, ship convoy and detention at sea, search and rescue, and support at sea.


The training was started in 2008 and organised on an annual basis since then.


For more information: PR Officer of the Lithuanian Naval Force Capt. Lt. Antanas Brencius, office phone (00370 46) 39 1207, cell phone 00370 698 18196


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