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Chief of Defence of Lithuania will take part in the session of military committees of the EU and NATO




On May 4-7 Chief of Defence of Lithuania Maj. Gen. Arvydas Pocius will take part in the meetings of the EU Military Committee and NATO Military Committee in Brussels.


A one-day session of the EU Military Committee will focus on the EU-led operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina ALTHEA and the EUTRA SOMALIA operation yet to be launched. Lithuania has contributes a staff officer to the EU operation currently underway in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Alternatives of the peacekeeping operations the EU currently contributes personnel to were also addressed in the EU Military Committee.


In the following two-day session and meetings in the format of the NATO Military Committee Chiefs of Defence of NATO members will address military operations of the Alliance in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq, as well as cooperation with defence structures of the EU and the UN.


Chiefs of Defence of the EU countries form the EU Military Committee, the highest military authority in the European Union. The Committee has been in operation since 2001, the institution directs military activities of the EU and provides military advice for the Political and Security Committee in charge of formation of the common Union's foreign and security policy.


NATO Military Committee is the leading military NATO's structure of authority, it reports to the North Atlantic Council, Defence Planning Committee and Nuclear Planning Group. The Committee is responsible for providing military advice to the North Atlantic Council which is in charge of political decisions. The day-to-day work in the NATO Military Committee is done during sessions of military representatives delegated by member states.


More information at PR Officer of the Chief of Defence of Lithuania Capt. Tomas Balkus, cell phone 00370 682 25359.

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