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Twelfth shift of peacekeepers began training for duty in the mission in Afghanistan



In April pre-mission training period will begin to the 12th rotation of the Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-12) mainly manned by the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Battalion.


Pre-mission training period for troops of Algirdas Battalion will coincide with high readiness duty in NATO Response Force (NRF) due to last from January to July together with their counterparts from Latvia and Estonia assigned to the Baltic Battalion.


The first two divisions of the 12th shift of PRT entered training before the multinational Afghanistan mission this winter to proceed from April in full composition of the rotation.


PRT-12 Staff manned by Algirdas Battalion and other representatives of the Lithuanian Armed Forces will conduct planning, organisation and implementation of the pre-mission training.


The 12th rotation of the Lithuanian-led PRT to be deployed to Ghowr in November will be headed by Lt. Col. Remigijus Baltrėnas, Commander of the Lithuanian Great Duke Algirdas Battalion.


Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team of Ghowr is a joint military-civilian mission operating under the NATO's International Security Assistance Force. Lithuania took responsibility for the PRT of Ghowr province based in Chaghcharan in summer of 2005. The main objective of the PRT mission is to assist the Central Government of Afghanistan to extend its authority throughout the province, to ensure security and to help built environment favourable for provincial reconstruction.


PRT-10 currently providing security in Ghowr is based on the 1st Territorial Unit of Dainava Military District of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force. It will hand over the mission to the 11th rotation mainly manned by the Great Duke of Lithuania Kęstutis Battalion in May.


PIO for PRT-12 1st Lt. Ainaras Jonaitis.

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