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CPX „Strong Lion



March 22-24, operation planning exercise „Strong Lion" for military staff personnel of the Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf" (Rukla, Jonava Distr.) organised and overseen by the Danish Advisory and Training Staff (DATS).

In the exercise staff personnel of the Brigade drilled skills of planning defence operations in Lithuania as a part of the multilateral Baltic Division.


The exercise was the first phase of the „Strong Lion" exercise during which MIB staff employed NATO's Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) to generate a plan to conduct defence operation in an appointed responsibility area in the territory of Lithuania and drafted operation order for defence actions of MIB „Iron Wolf" which was announced to commanders of Brigade's battalions during the exercise.


The second phase of the Strong Lion exercise planned on May 17-19 will involve surveillance of operation area and amendments of the first draft of operation order on the basis of acquired surveillance data.


The final phase of the exercise foreseen in October at the General Adolfas Ramanauskas Warfare Training Centre (Nemenčinė) using Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation System (JCATS) for simulation of situations of defence operation and efficiency of the operation order for defence will be evaluated.


In the second and the third phases of the Strong Lion exercise staff of the MIB „Iron Wolf" will train together with staffs of Territorial Units of the National Defence Volunteer Force.


MIB „Iron Wolf" was affiliated to the Danish Division in 2006 on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Lithuanian and Danish Chiefs of Defence. The affiliation stipulates officers of both countries to co-work in international staffs, execution of joint training and exercises to ensure interoperability of Lithuanian and Danish military units - ability to collaborate in a wide-range of multinational operations.


In its turn Denmark has chosen direct affiliation with the UK-led Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, (ARRC) which is a great opportunity for the Lithuanian MIB „Iron Wolf" to take part in training and exercises of the elite Corps as affiliate of the Danish Division.


Picture by MSgt. Edikas Ponomariovas.

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