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Ukraine’s arms control inspectors conducted a visit in Lithuania


On July 10-11 arms control inspectors of Ukraine carried out an inspection of an area of choice in accordance with the Vienna Document 2011 of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.


Arms control inspectors of Ukraine visited training areas of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, were briefed by commanders of the National Defence Volunteer Force and the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf. As laid out in the Vienna Document 2011, arms control inspectors of Ukraine were granted the opportunity to conduct an observation flight over a chosen area in an aircraft provided by the Lithuanian Air Force to verify no undeclared military activities are going on there.


“Lithuania frankly declares its military activities and accepts arms control inspectors to fulfil our international commitments. As we seek to ensure transparency and confidence by means that strengthen security throughout the region, this is what we also expect from our neighbours,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis said.


The Vienna Document 2011 commits the signatory countries to conduct annual information exchange on their manpower, planned capability development and defence budgets on an annual basis, and to notify other OSCE countries in advance of scheduled military activities. The states also commit to accept a designated number of inspections and evaluation visits by other member states’ military inspectors in military units in their territories.


The Vienna Document 2011 allows every OSCE member country to verify if another member of the organisation does not carry out any notifiable military activities without prior notification to OSCE countries and does not have military capabilities that require declaration.


On the basis of the Vienna Document 2011 regulations the Republic of Ukraine will report the information obtained during the inspection and the estimation of Lithuania’s compliance with international arms control agreements to other OSCE countries.


This is the second verification visit carried out by arms control inspectors of a foreign country in Lithuania under the Vienna Document 2011 in 2017. In June a group of arms control inspectors of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus carried out a visit in Lithuania, and Lithuania inspected ,military units of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine this year.


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