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Run-up to NATO exercise Steadfast Jazz 2013


On November 13 and 14 planning staff of the exercise Steadfast Jazz which will take place next autumn in several NATO member states, including the Baltic States, simultaneously is holding a meeting at the Joint Headquarters of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


Steadfast Jazz 2013 will certify readiness level of contingents delegated by NATO member states to conduct standby in the NATO Response Force in 2014. Another exclusive feature of the exercise is that it will be conducted jointly with the Host Nation Support (HNS) in the Baltic States (training the capacity of the Baltic States to render HNS to the NATO allies) Baltic Host 2013. Certification of crisis response readiness exercise Steadfast Jazz 2013 of the NATO Response Force will exploit NATO Article 5 (collectives defence operations-related) operation scenario.


“Integration of Baltic Host 2013 into a larger NATO exercise will elevate the training event to a higher level because the exercise will not only ensure regional level interoperability but that with the allied forces as well. The event will improve significantly the readiness of the Baltic States to render HNS”, Brigadier General Vilmantas Tamošaitis, Chief of the Joint Headquarters of the Lithuanian Armed Forces said.


A portion of military units and command and control elements assigned to the NATO Response Force will be fielded to the training areas in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland for the Steadfast Jazz 2013 period.


Apart from the Baltic representatives the meeting of the Steadfast Jazz 2013 planning staff in Vilnius is also attended by representatives of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum, Joint Warfare Training Centre, U.S. Army Europe (USAEUR), and other NATO and allied military institutions.


NATO Response Force (NRF) is high readiness technologically advanced multinational NATO capability. NRF is manned by units committed by member states maintaining high readiness level in their home states for a set period of time to be capable to redeploy to operation region within an established period of time if a decision to invoke the force was made. NRF is capable of deploying to the operation theatre within five days from the approval of such decision. NRF is activated at the decision of the North Atlantic Council.



For the first time NRF was activated to deliver disaster relief efforts in October 2005 to help earthquake-devastated Pakistan. Lithuania contributed the Water Purification Unit formed by the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis General Support Logistic Battalion personnel and assets to the humanitarian operation.

NRF includes land, air, naval and special forces components.


PAO for the Joint Headquarters of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Capt Marius Varna

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