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Publication concerning things to know about readiness for emergency situations and warfare was presented


PDF copy of the publication (in Lithuanian)


On January 6 Things to know about readiness for emergency situations and warfare was presented at the Ministry of National Defence. The publication was presented to the general public by Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas and the editor-in-chief, Deputy Head of the Defence Policy and Planning Department of the Ministry of National Defence Dr. Karolis Aleksa.


According to Minister Juozas Olekas, the publication was prepared with regard to emerging security issues and the exceptional attention of the public to national security and defence that had instigated. The Minister also underlined that the publication included useful information and advice on countering an enemy that employ methods of the so-called hybrid warfare.


The publication of approximately 100 pages developed by personnel of the Ministry of National Defence, Lithuanian Armed Forces and the Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior provides information on the actions the state takes in response to disasters, risks and threats in peacetime and war. It also includes basic information on the actions citizens should take for protecting themselves from disasters and for contributing to national defence.


The publication also focuses considerably on specific practical advice on conduct during disasters, in case hostile armed forces turned up, or war broke out: for instance, things to take with you in case of evacuation, behaviour in case of an explosion, if you find yourself under debris, or failed to evacuate from a city teeming with hostile military, etc.


The publication is available at the MoD website in electronic format, while printed version will be circulated in schools, libraries, via youth organisations, NGOs, organisations supporting national defence, and by other means.


Photo credits: Alfredas Pliadis (Lithuanian MoD)

2015-03-01 16:11

Rahul Bhonsle

An excellent move, can you provide an English copy of the PDF for our information at the Email address above. thanks
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