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One more disinformation attack: target – Lithuania’s assistance to Ukraine


The support Lithuania renders to Ukraine was picked as target for the latest disinformation attack: during last weekend a piece of false news was published on the Internet in the Russian and the Ukrainian languages alleging that Minister of National Defence of Lithuania Mr. Raimundas Karoblis had recognised the Crimean annexation to Russia at a forum of Lithuanian and US defence enterprises in Vilnius.


To make the disinformation more convincing, the perpetrators used the Minister’s address given at the press conference during the Lithuanian Armed Forces day last year and available at the official Lithuanian Ministry of Defence website. The address has no relation to the false news, it is subtitled in Russian but the translation does not correspond to the Minister’s speech. And the US-Lithuanian Forum mentioned in the disinformation was not even attended by the Minister of Defence.


The piece of fake news was intended primarily for Russian and Ukrainian audiences: it was published on Russian and Ukrainian websites, the video material is subtitled in Russian. However, an English version of the fake news has been published recently too.


“It is yet another attempt to disseminate bold lies, to set partners against each other and to damage public trust in Lithuania’s support to Ukraine, as well as to discredit Lithuania in international arena,” Mr. R. Karoblis said. “The security and stability of Ukraine, and its ability to handle emerging threats successfully, has a very significant influence to the security situation of the entire region, therefore cooperation with Ukraine has been one of the key foreign and security policy priorities of Lithuania for a long time already - and it will remain that way, despite hostile efforts to diminish Lithuania’s support to Ukraine. Lithuania stands by the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine and it will further support Ukraine’s aspirations of European and Euro-Atlantic integration just as it did.”


Lithuania supports Ukraine in every possible and legally permitted form, including military support. Lithuania handed over elements of weaponry and ammunition it no longer used to Ukraine. Ukrainians injured in the Anti-Terrorism Operation are treated at civilian healthcare institutions and the Military Rehabilitation Centre in Druskininkai in Lithuania.


The Lithuanian Armed Forces cooperate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the field of military training. Ukrainian soldiers are invited to study at military education institutions in Lithuania; Lithuania funds Ukrainian officers’ studies at the Baltic Defence College. Also, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine have a trilateral Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG.

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