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Numbers of citizens who have confidence in the Lithuanian Armed Forces and are prepared to defend the Motherland are increasing


According to a poll, 71% of citizens of Lithuania trust the Lithuanian Armed Forces. In comparison to last year, the confidence has grown in five percent points. The public opinion poll was carried out by request of the Ministry of National Defence in December 2018.


According to the same poll, the number of respondents saying they would defend the homeland in case of a threat makes almost half of all respondents and has grown by four percent points to 47% since last year.


“Strong armed forces need public support. The growing support of the society and its resolve to defend homeland in case of a danger are directly related to the ongoing upgrade of the Armed Forces’ capabilities and the increasing public understanding of the arising threats and information effect of hostile forces,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis says.


The majority of respondents (74%) agreed that propaganda and hostile information influence from the outside is a threat to national security. A major part of respondents (65%,which is by seven percent points more than last year) think that the Russian Federation is using information influence on the people of Lithuania deliberately in order to sway their attitudes.


Approximately two thirds (64%) of the respondents supported the idea that 2% of GDP should be allotted for national defence and 41% of the respondents supported the idea that the national defence budget should reach 2.5% of GDP by 2030, as it is provided for in the accord between the political parties represented in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania on strategic guidelines for defence policy signed in autumn 2018.


The public opinion poll was carried out by request of the Ministry of National Defence on 11-22 December 2018 by Spinter Tyrimai market and public opinion research company.

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