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Norwegian Armed Forces Band visits Lithuania


“The reception of Vilnius audience is really warm, we are in a great mood, and the weather is excellent today!” producer of the Norwegian Armed Forces Band North Merete Jakobsen Klæboe said happily after a concert in Vilnius Cathedral Square on September 2.


The Norwegian Armed Forces Band North came to Lithuania to make a call on Norwegian troops deployed in Lithuania and to give several concerts to Lithuanian audience. One of the oldest Norway’s bands, the Norwegian Armed Forces Band North arrived from Harstad.


“We want to support not only Norway’s but also other NATO allies’ troops serving in the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group in Rukla, so we have come to Lithuania “, band producer Merete Jakobsen Klæboe says. She underscored that the band wished their performances would fortify professional identity and morale of Norwegian soldiers.


“We will also use the opportunity and hold several concerts for the people of Lithuania, for we a certain that the universal language of culture and music have to be also used to strengthen international relations,” Merete Jakobsen Klæboe says.


200 Norwegian soldiers deployed from the Telemark Battalion and units of the Northern Brigade are serving in the German-led NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group in Lithuania alongside Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg’s counterparts.


The Norwegian Armed Forces Band North has the longest history and is one of the most renown professional bands in the northern part of Norway. It dates back to 1911. At present the band includes 29 professionals performing music across diverse genres: from classical to modern, pop and rock.




NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group


The NATO eFP Battalion Battle Group has been deployed in Lithuania since the beginning of 2017. Currently the NATO eFP Battalion Battle Group in Lithuania comprises over 450 German, 100 Belgian, 250 Dutch, 200 Norwegian and 20 Luxembourg’s soldiers. The Battle Group is ready to and capable of deterring or immediately responding to any aggression alongside national forces if necessary. The eFP Battle Group in Lithuania has Germany as the lead and framework nation. NATO enhanced Forward Presence is a direct response to the aggressive and provocative military actions of the Russian Federation on NATO border which have led to the deterioration of stability and security and predictability of security environment and caused changes in it. The decision to deploy a NATO eFP Battalion along the eastern NATO border was taken in the NATO Summit in Warsaw in July 2016 at the request of the Baltic states and Poland.


At present the framework nations of the eFP Battle Groups deployed for deterrence and defence in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland are Germany, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America. This presence means that an attack on one ally would be treated as an attack on all. It also represents the largest enhancement NATO has ever made to collective defence and includes NATO presence in the Black Sea.


Credits: Alfredas Pliadis

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