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More than 600 rotational German troops will arrive to train in Lithuania this year


Strengthening NATO agreed assurance measures in the Baltic region, more than 600 rotational German troops and several hundred military vehicles will arrive to Lithuania by several stages to conduct joint exercises and training. On March 30-April 9 the first group of German troops and vehicles - nearly 300 German Armed Forces French-German Infantry Brigade 291 Infantry Battalion soldiers with more than 150 multi-purpose military vehicles are arriving to Lithuania.


Troops and vehicles of German rotational forces will reach Lithuania both by aircraft and railway, soldiers will be deployed in Lithuanian Armed Forces Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" Duke Vaidotas Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Rukla (Jonava Distr.).


The main group of German rotational forces will arrive to Lithuania during the first week of April by German military aircraft. These German soldiers, together with the reinforcement of one more company in June, will be training in Lithuania until July. German soldiers will join Lithuanian counterparts in national and multinational exercises held in our country. Along with them soldiers from Denmark, the U.S., Poland and Luxembourg will participate in the exercises.


For the training and exercises’ purpose Germans will deploy in Lithuania their infantry fighting vehicles “Boxer”, armoured reconnaissance vehicles “Fennek” and armoured transporters “Fuchs”, as well as other vehicles. Military vehicles from Germany will be transported via railway to Šeštokai, then via roads they will reach Rukla. The Lithuanian military representatives are asking for drivers understanding regarding possible traffic disturbances and inform that the maximum flow of traffic along the route Šeštokai-Marijampolė-Kaunas-Rukla will be on April 3. The column of military vehicles will include around 100 vehicles.


It is planned that from July this German rotational forces group will be replaced by another rotation of soldiers from artillery unit.


Lithuania provides all necessary Host nation support for the allied troops - encompassing lodging, meals, and other logistical support.


NATO’s Readiness Action Plan includes increased military activity in the eastern part of the Alliance, which has been in place since May 2014. Since then rotational companies of the US Army have been deployed in Lithuania, as well as companies of soldiers from Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Portugal, Hungary and Germany.


In February 2016 NATO Defence Ministers took a milestone decision to enhance Alliance’s presence in the eastern part of NATO. Lithuania is seeking to have a multinational battalion deployed in our country, which could be combat-ready, integrated with national forces and capable of responding immediately in case of aggression. Lithuania builds on its national capabilities and is prepared well to provide all necessary Host Nation Support to allied troops.


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