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Lithuanian Armed Forces arms control inspectors to carry out a visit to a Belarusian military unit


On October 11 a team of arms control inspectors of the Lithuanian Armed Forces will conduct a verification visit at a Belorussian military unit in line with the Vienna Document 2011 on the basis of a bilateral agreement of Lithuania and Belarus. Lithuania’s military inspectors will visit the 19th Guards Mechanized Brigade is a formation of the Armed Forces of Belarus based in Zaslonovo.


During the visit, the inspectors will be able to view the Brigade’s structure, access the information on its personnel strength as well as types and number of the main weaponry and equipment of the unit, view examples. The Lithuanian inspectors will also observe routine activities of the unit while visiting subunits of the 9th Brigade and talking to Belarusian soldiers.


The Vienna Document 2011 commits the signatory countries to conduct annual information exchange on their manpower, planned capability development and defence budgets on an annual basis, and to notify other Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) countries in advance of scheduled military activities. The states also commit to accept a designated number of inspections and evaluation visits by other member states’ military inspectors in military units in their territories.


The visit will take place on the basis of the Bilateral Agreement of Lithuania and Belarus on Additional Confidence and Security-Building Measures which stipulates exchange of additional military information in set format between the two countries and one verification visit to a military unit of choice on an annual basis.


According to regulations of the Vienna Document 2011, arms control experts will report to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe countries on the compliance with provisions of international treaties concerning arms control witnessed during the inspection.


Belarus is the third country Lithuania’s arms control inspectors are conducting a verification visit in according to the Vienna Document 2011 this year.


Photo from the MoD archive

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