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Lithuania hands over military assistance to Ukraine


On November 29 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania adopted a resolution to hand over to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on a nonreimbursable basis its assets by proprietary rights used by the Lithuanian Armed Forces by entrustment rights. On the basis of the resolution, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence will be given weapons and ammunition that the Lithuanian Armed Forces used before becoming a member of NATO and do not coincide with the calibres used in NATO.  


The donation is planned to comprise automatic rifles/carbines, machineguns, anti-armour guns, ammunition, and spare parts.


“The transfer of assets is a part of a coherent and comprehensive Lithuania’s support to Ukraine so that it could strengthen its defence capabilities and ensure its sovereignty,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis said. Lithuania supports independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine from the beginning of the Russian military aggression, and provides all kinds of possible and legally permissible assistance, including military. Lithuania handed over to Ukraine parts of weaponry and unused ammunition before. Alongside allies, Lithuania is helping Ukraine to reform, train and mentor its armed forces. Lithuanian healthcare institutions are providing care for Ukrainian troops injured in the Anti-Terrorist Operation.


The new donation of military assistance will be transferred to Ukraine with regard to the request of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine of July 2017. It is planned to be delivered in the nearest while once practical arrangements are made with the Ukrainian side.


Lithuania’s transfer of military assistance to Ukraine is within all applicable international agreements and conventions, and EU and national legislation. The assets donated by the Lithuanian Armed Forces can only be used by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and its subordinate institutions for ensuring national security and defence, to participate in regional collective agreements, and other activities in compliance with the Charter of the United Nations.


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