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International Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG undergoes certification in Poland


On December 11 certification exercise Common Challenge 2016 of the joint LITPOLUKRBRIG Brigade HQ of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine and affiliated units began with an exercise opening ceremony at Nowa Deba Training Area of the Polish Armed Forces. Having deemed the Brigade HQ is at its full operational capability, it will be certified in accordance with NATO standards.


“We will do everything possible to meet the multinational certification team expectations and obtain the capability to lead affiliated units through peace enforcement and crisis response operations,” said Lithuanian Armed Forces Lieutenant Colonel Eligijus Senulis, LITPOLUKRBRIG Chief of Staff.


On December 8 through 16 at the training area in Poland LITPOUKRBRIG under the Command of Colonel Zenon Brzuszko along with Polish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian Battalions will exercise ability to execute peace enforcement operations in the multinational operational environment.


The multinational unit is about to be certified according to NATO standards and requirements and will gain Full Operational Capabilities as a brigade command.


The fictional exercise scenario trains response to humanitarian crises in civil war-torn country regulated by a fragile peace agreement. Armed insurgents are operating in the region, diplomatics reconciliation efforts are failing.


Participants of Common Challenge 2016 are evaluated by a certification team comprising members from the United States of America, Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. The map exercise uses a tactical simulation system to develop and supervise a tactical situation according to a plan developed in advance.


The exercise provides an opportunity to practise the planning prosess without deploying actual units and equipment.

Photo credits: Staff Sergeant Romas Albaitis and Captain Oleksandr Gain


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