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Further underwater examination of the An-2 wreck possibly detected the body of one of the missing pilots


May 21, a thorough examination of the An-2 wreck lying on the Baltic seafloor carried out from the outside of the aircraft at night has possibly led to finding the body of one of the missing pilots. The operation was carried out with underwater surveying video equipment of the LNS Kuršis mine countermeasures vessel and Klaipėda University.


The new footage was today brought to the Lithuanian Navy HQ in Klaipėda and viewed with the families of the missing An-2 pilots.


Minister of National Defence sends his condolences and support to the families of the two missing men in this difficult time and will continue making every effort to find them.


Representatives of the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Transport and Communications discussed lifting of the wreck at a meeting at the MoD this morning.


Yesterday the Lithuanian MoD contacted the Ministry of Defence of Sweden requesting to help find partners that could support the operation of lifting the An-2 from the Baltic seafloor with appropriate equipment.


POC– Assistant to the Commander-in-Chief of the Lithuanian Navy Lieutenant (Navy) Antanas Brencius, +37069818196


Photo by the Lithuanian Navy: a stop-motion from the footage collected with the underwater robotic video camera by the LNS Kuršis, tail number of the An-2 is seen.

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