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Defence Attachés of Lithuania accredited abroad

Lithuanian Defence Attaches accredited to foreign states

Lithuanian Defence Attaches represent the Minister of National Defence and the Lithuanian Armed Forces while serving in foreign countries. A Defence Attaché informs the Defence Minister and other officials about military matters, security issues, and state actions in the country where he or she is stationed. As a liaison between the Lithuanian Defence System and the host nation's defence institutions, the attaché takes part in negotiations on military and security topics, works to build stronger bi-lateral ties, and promotes the achievements of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. An attaché also provides Lithuanian officers and servicemen with assistance when abroad. Lithuanian defence attachés report to the Minister of National Defence.


List of Lithuanian Defence Attaches accredited to foreign states:


Telephone numbers and addresses:

DA to the Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Sweden - Commander Giedrius Permeneckas

Tel. + 45 39 903 072
Fax. + 45 39 636 532

Lithuanian Embassy to the Kingdom of Denmark
Bernstorffsvej 214
DK-2920 Charlottenlund

DA to Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Austria, and the Swiss Confederation - Brigadier General Vilmantas Tamašauskas

Tel. +49 30 8906 8129

Faks. +49 30 8906 8115

Lithuanian Embassy to the Federal Republic of Germany

Charitéstraße 9 10117 Berlin




DA to the Republic of France, Kingdom of Belgium,  Republic of Italy, Kingdom of Spain and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - Col Romualdas Moldaris

22 Boulevard de Courcelles, 75016, Paris

tlf +331 4054 5061

fax +331 4054 5075

mob +336 6546 6688


DA to the Republic of Poland, Republic of Hungary, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Slovakia, and the Czech Republic- Lt Col Rimantas Jarmalavičius

Tel./ Fax.:  + 48 22 622 0995

Lithuanian Embassy to the Republic of Poland
Al. Ujazdowskie 14

00-580 Warszawa

DA to the USA and Canada - Col Alvydas Šiuparis

Deputy DA to the USA and Canada - Lt Col Dainius Kaunas

Tel. + 1 202 234 5860
Fax. + 1 202 328 0466

Lithuanian Embassy to the USA
2622 16th St. N. W.
Washington D.C. 20009

DA to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Republic of Portugal - Col Valdas Šiaučiulis

Tel. +44 (0)2 07592 2859

Mob. +44(0) 799 000 2360 

Lithuania House, 2

Bessborough Gardens

London SW1V 2JE


DA to the Russian Federation

Tel./faks: + 7 495 785 8611

Posolstvo Litovskoj Respubliki
Borisoglebskij per. 10
121069 Moskva


DA to Ukraine, Romania and Moldova -  Col Algirdas Norkus

Tel. + 380 44 2535 937;

Fax. + 380 44 2535 938;


Lithuanian Embassy to Ukraine
21 Buslivska str.
010901 Kyiv


DA to the Republic of Belarus - Lt Col Ričardas Bočkus

Tel./fax +375 17 289 3473

Lithuanian Embassy to the Republic of Belarus
ul. Zacharova 68
220088 Minsk


DA to Georgia, the Republic of Armenia and Republic of Azerbaijan - Lt Col Vytautas Rakauskas

Tel. +995322916487

Fax: +995322221793

29 Krtsanisi str., 0

114 Tbilisi


DA to the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic,  Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan -  Lt Col Nerijus Rimkevičius

Tel: +86-10-84518520 ext.2893

Fax: +86 10 84514442

Mobile: tel. +86 186 1040 7253

Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania

A-18, King‘s Garden, No.18 Xiaoyun Rd.

Chaoyang District, Beijing 100125





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