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We kindly invite You to participate in the international conference and industry exhibition „Innovative Energy Solutions for Military Applications“ (IESMA 2018) that will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 14-16 November, 2018 in the Lithuanian Exhibition And Congress Centre LITEXPO.


IESMA 2018 provides a platform for information exchange on best practices, policies and technologies among academia, industry and military sectors seeking to advance energy efficiency, striving to improve the operational capability of military forces, enhancing range, endurance and agility in the current and future security environment where logistics may be constrained.


The event is organized by the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (NATO ENSEC COE) and the State Military Scientific Technical Centre “DELTA” of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia with the support of the NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division and the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme.


The event has two components: a conference and an industrial exhibition. The conference brings together multiple experts from the academia, industry and military sectors, who exchange knowledge and discuss lessons, learned in the field of Energy technology development and application to military forces. The focus of the conference is all – standard, advanced and cutting-edge – energy conserving technologies. Whereas the industrial exhibition gives companies an opportunity to display, present and even demonstrate their innovative solutions – both concepts and finished products.


We kindly invite to participate everyone who is interested in energy, innovative technologies or security fields. The entry is free of charge, but early registration to the event is required: https://www.iesma.info/


You can find more information about the event at the IESMA 2018 webpage www.iesma.info or by email [email protected]


*16th November 2018 - closed Governmental Session.


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